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About Me

Hi, my name is Paulo Roberto Elias. I've been working with IT since 2009, after leaving a career as a civil servant to follow my vocation. I have already held several positions in this area, but currently I am working with Web and Mobile projects since 2013. I'm a tech enthusiast since I was a child, always learning something. I like different technologies and I take several online courses. I am planning to take a postgraduate course in Systems Engineering still in 2017 or 2018 and I am currently in search of new challenges, seeking to evolve more and more in my career in information technology.

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My Skills

You can have a full list of my abilities and of the courses which I've taken on my Linkedin profile page.

Requirements Analysis 100%
UML 97%
SQL 96%
Scrum 90%
C# MVC 85%
HTML 80%
Javascript 75%
CSS 65%

Latest Products

The vast majority of the projects I worked on are not public because I was in the service of companies. They were projects of purchases, ticket support, contract generation and maintenance, among others. Furthermore, this webiste is one of my permanent projects. It uses Bootstrap Framework, Gulp for minifying files improving performance among other technologies and is constantly improved. It features Google Analytics API as well. This website source-code is also available at Github

The projects below have been independently developed as a freelancer. All projects feature Brazilian Portuguese as a language.

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TelerespondeMobile App

Teleresponde is a small company from my hometown that aggregates information from city partners customers with great reliability in the information. Providing phone numbers and address.

With Android and iOS versions, the application uses Cordova technology and other Web technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript to query information in a Rest API and display results with the Google Maps API.

Download the App for Android

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ChikalinaWeb Application

Chikalina is the name of my wife's clothing trade. She sells clothes to people's homes. The business has existed for more than 15 years, having been raised by her mother.

The system was developed to manage financial transactions. You should create an user and log into the system to see how it works. The passwords must have something ike this 'Abc-1234'. The performance isn't so good because I'am using a cheap hosting (same as this website), but, it was built on .Net MVC framework.

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Financial File ManagerWireframe

This application is being developed to be open source (source code is available on Github). It arose from a real need of a customer, for converting text files to various imports into ERP applications.

Most of theese applications still relies on files for data transfering and it's always hard to make them fit.

Work in progress

PDF Wireframe

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Rio Claro, São Paulo, Brazil

Phone (Whatsapp)

+55 19 98141 8586